Protect Yourself From The Powassan Virus


Deer Ticks Carry Deadly Disease

When the weather warms the dreadful ticks arise. This year, experts have identified a new tick borne disease called The Powassan Virus. This disease is new to researchers as they are still learning. However, with what they do know already, learn how to protect yourself.

Approximately 50 cases of POW virus disease were reported in the United States over the past 10 years. This disease causes inflammation of the brain.

Most cases have occurred in the northeastern and Great Lakes regions of the United States during the late spring, early summer, and mid-fall when ticks are most active.

This disease is spread from an infected tick. Not person to person. Taking your typical precautions during tick season is the key to prevent. Wooded areas or areas with high grass and bushes hide these unwanted insects. If you or your pet or ,even your children like to play in these highly dense grass areas you’re at risk. You should take the same steps to prevent as you have in the previous years. Also, try to avoid these areas. Apply insect repellents to bare skin, tuck in your pants to your shoes, and always conduct a full body check when returning home. Remove the tick immediately. This goes for your beloved family pet too.

Embedded Tick

Embedded Tick

If you’ve discovered a tick a few days later in your hair or on your pet chances are they have already bitten. Seek medical attention if symptoms appear. Symptoms don’t often appear for a lengthy time period. However, any sign of fever, confusion, nauseous,seizures, etc.. make an appointment. POW affects your brain. Meningitis and encephalitis are caused by the POW disease. Diagnosis can be from blood tests or spinal taps. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease.

Similar to Lyme disease this tick born disease has much more severe symptoms. “It’s more frightening than Lyme Disease in that the transmission times can be much shorter, as far as how long the tick has to be attached,” said SUNY ESF Professor Kim Adams. “The fear comes with the ease of transmission and the quickness of transmission.”

Spring and Summer are the times of year to come out of hibernation an enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Of course still do this! Woolx loves the Outdoors! Prevention and safety precautions protect you from the seasons ticks. For more information about POW ,check your local news and health department.