Running In Cold Conditions

Winter Jog

Winter Jog

People often think that once Winter arrives that they have to give up their outdoor running and head indoors. However if you have the proper running apparel you can run in cold conditions all season!

Before heading out for your run, take a good look at yourself. Are you dressed properly? Base layers, gloves, hat, and even a neck warmer are essential for you to have a warm, safe and successful run. Woolx heavyweight bottoms are not only breathable and designed to be comfortable during strenuous activity, they’re extremely warm too! With a softness comparable to cashmere. Woolx X753′s are made out of the heaviest merino wool on the market, at a weight of 400g/m2 of 100% Australian Merino Wool. Even after sweating wool retains its insulating abilities, it also wicks away moisture from the wearer, helping to protect you from possible hypothermia!

Moving your arms in the proper fashion can up your momentum and make your run more successful, so being able to move your arms freely is important when picking out your base layer top. The Woolx X752 is the perfect fit – stylish and slimming in black with discreet thumb holes. They’re designed with a fabulous fit that won’t creep up on you while you’re enjoying your run. The thumb hole not only holds your sleeve down it creates a thin covering over your hand up to the knuckles, helping to keep your hands warm without overheating them like a pair of heavy mittens or gloves can.

Woolx Heavyweight Top

Warmth escapes through your head, so keeping it warm is important to regulate your body temperature. The Woolx hat snuggles your head in a classic skull cap design. Available in colors guaranteed to go with your other running gear. If a hat isn’t enough to keep you warm, go for the Woolx neck gaiter too. Your neck and head will be covered in warm, soft merino wool. For extreme conditions try the balaclava. The balaclava will protect your head, neck, and face.

Woolx Balaclava

It’s important that you can feel your feet while running on cold ground. This can help prevent injuries from stumbles or falls. Feet tend to get cold the fastest when battling cooler temperatures. Well…You’re in luck, Woolx now makes a merino wool sock. It’s the perfect blend of Merino Wool, Nylon, and Lycra. Cotton absorbs moisture which can cause blisters, and make your feet colder, quicker.

After your blissful run don’t forget to stretch. Stretching is important for muscle recovery, and plus it will keep you warm even after your run. Make sure to drink plenty of water, even if it’s cold outside, to prevent dehydration. With Woolx by your side you’re sure to stay fit for the holidays, and thankfully you won’t have to make a new New Years resolution this year. Cheers!