6 Safety Tips for Running Outside

So, Finally the Weather has changed around here! Warm days and bright skis bring out the runners. Everybody decides to use nature as the gym for a short time. However, before you grab your sneakers, favorite tunes and start your run I wanted to share these 6 safety tips for running outside.


Safety Tips for running outside

Running in the Street


First Tip: Make sure you know your Environment. Whether Running down a popular street or in a heavy wooded area know your surroundings.Roadways can be well lite and populated. That trail you choose might be desolate. Perhaps take a friend on a trail run. Always bring your phone along and try one of the many iPhone running apps that use a GPS . 

Second Tip: Do not always assume traffic notices you or you have the right away. Speaking from experience! That car at the stop sign might just think that they have the right away and the pedestrian shall wait. This is not the case! The Pedestrian has the right away at a stop sign. Traffic signals you should follow. Do not continue until the traffic light says so or the hand turns white. Always run facing Traffic. Try to run on the sidewalks.


Dog Attack

Dog Attack


Third Tip: The neighborhood Dog!  If you been in a situation where the neighbors dog comes storming out the house after you, you know it can be quite scary. Remain Calm Do not Run Away! Stop and stand still like a tree. Arms Down by your side with fists closed. Stand sideways with no eye contact.  If you have a water bottle or even bag try tossing that to the dog. If all else fails, and the dog aggressively lunges towards you fight back! Hit the dog in the nose, throat or back of head area. This will stun it long enough to get away. Make sure you making plenty of noise, yelling NO!  If you fall to the ground cover your face. You can always wrestle the dog if you can gain control. Dogs are vicious biters but cannot wrestle, so try to get an advantageous position.

Fourth Tip: Know your Weather. Do not get caught 2 miles away from home and stuck in a thunderstorm. Listen to your local weather station or notice any increasing clouds before heading out. If you cannot avoid the storm while out, seek shelter until it passes.

Fifth Tip: Try to avoid running at night. Even though it can be cooler at night for your run. If you must run at night, take a buddy and wear reflective clothing and shoes. Make sure the Traffic can see you a mile away. And never go up to stopped vehicles in front of you.

Sixth Tip: Wear brighter colored clothing to increase your visibility. If Bright Lime isn’t you thing opt for something like the Woolx Merino Wool Top in Berry. It’s bright enough to be seen and fashionable enough that you won’t mind! being seen! Being visible is one of the best things you can do for your safety.

Running outside can be not only healthy for your body but healthy for the soul. Simply following the above safety tips can create a relaxing, smooth run for everyone. At least until the sun goes down!