Down ,Set, Hike!

With Fall comes Football, one of America’s favorite past times. The All-American Sport! The words down, set, and hike play in my ears every August as I anxiously await the first set of games in September.

I myself am a football fan and mom. Go Jets!  But as much as I look forward to cheering on my child, or my favorite NFL team, I’m always thinking about those cold, windy games that are soon to arrive. The cold winds can really whip through the stands, and the ice cold bleachers can really make your bottom frigid.

Watching In The Cold

Watching In The Cold

This calls for drastic measures! And by this I mean, Woolx baselayers. As the weather starts to change so should your attire. Of course you have your game colors on and a photo pin, however I always remember to put my Woolx midweight top on underneath.

The awesome thing about my Woolx top is that if the weather changes on me all of a sudden and I start to feel warm, I can remove a few layers and still look great.  Upstate, NY weather is very unpredictable. A Woolx thermal worn alone can still be very fashionable. I personally pair it up with a pair of jeans and a cute scarf. You won’t look out of place at the game.

Woolx Neck Gaiter in Berry

Woolx Womens Midweight BaseLayer

Even if you find yourself in blizzard like conditions still cheering on your team, rest assured we have you covered! Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures! Break out your Woolx gaiter and Woolx Balaclava. Both will keep the heat in around your head and neck. Just pull it away from your mouth when shouting at the Ref. You’ll want to make sure they hear you loud and clear. After all, who knows the game better than you!

Rest assure that at the next big game you’ll sit in comfort and warmth watching your favorite players. And you can cheer them on right from game side! Not in your car with the heater running. Let Woolx take care of you at your next event!