Snow Sports


Upstate, NY Ski Lift

That very moment that snowflake hits the ground, the snow sport enthusiasts gather there gear for their favorite winter sports or hobbies. Which means base layers get a ton of use! Which also means Woolx is part of your daily outfit. There is so many different  winter sports that require warmth and comfort ,making it a priority to find that perfect base layer.

Of course skiing, and snowboarding are the first things you think of when it comes to Winter. Flying down the slopes, snow covering your face. A long day of skiing, snowboarding, or perhaps snow tubing,rest assure your Woolx baselayer will still be warm and dry. Relax on the lift on the way up to the lodge for that hot cup of chocolate.After a well needed rest, buckle up the boots again and head out for round two! Your feet wont prevent you if your wearing Woolx merino wool socks!


Not interested in fast paced down slopes, try snowshoeing. This sport is growing in  popularity. Not only for a great exercise, but for adventurous hikes throughout the snowy hills and roadways. In the past, snowshoes were essential tools for fur traders, trappers and anyone whose life or living depended on the ability to get around in areas of deep and frequent snowfall, and they remain necessary equipment for forest rangers and others who must be able to get around areas inaccessible to motorized vehicles when the snow is deep. The Woolx balaclava is great accessory to wear for this snow sport.

If you enjoy more of a hard core intense sport involving blood and possible missing teeth, then Hockey is your calling.You will work up a great sweat while out on the ice skating fastly trying to score a goal. A wet soggy bottom can really bring you down. Typically hockey players wear base layers under their uniforms. Woolx merino wool midweight bottom is a perfect match for a non-wicking experience.All that padding alone can create sweating without even making any effort. You will be able to concentrate better scoring the goal in a nice dry base layer.

Ice Fishing

For some, when temps drop they put the fishing poles away. For others they keep them out for a fun filled winter of ice fishing. Ice fishing can be very cold out in the ice huddled in either a fort , or just on an upside down bucket in the middle of a lake.There will be hours of sitting in frigid weather so making sure your underneath clothing keeps you warm.It’s imperative. Woolx heavyweight Top and Bottom, with the gaiter is a sure win.Your patience and time waiting for that pole to wiggle will pay off if one has the ability  to withstand the cold for long hours. And maybe a sip or two of a good whiskey.

Stocking your drawers or closets with Woolx base layers and accessories will provide you with numerous possibilities for a successful Winter in sports and other fun hobbies. And then soon enough Spring will arrive and you can change into your Woolx Lightweight. Here’s to a successful, long fit Winter Season.