Surviving The Cold

I came across this article the other day while cuddled up in bed in warmth.  It was called ” A Weather Mans Secrets To Surviving The Cold”. This article was on point. Ironically, I was sitting in a sea of warmth and comfort due to a winter storm. They were battling the cold, extreme weather conditions with no problem. What were their secrets? I had a clue in mind, but needed to research this more. Here are my findings.

The anchorman had just one simple suitcase for a weeks worth of weather reporting. This was right on. It didn’t matter how much layering you brought but what kinds you had. Nevertheless, I do know she didn’t have Woolx drapped over the bedspread, but it wasn’t her fault. She probably hasn’t discovered the warmest base layer on the market. However, a base layer was worn. A proper one is essential for hours of reporting in teh cold.

The reporter started out her morning with a warm base layer. You’ll definitely want a wicking material, preferably a heavyweight one. Merino Wool is proving to be the warmest material on the market compared to cotton and synthetics. And it’s now non-itch. Your base layers should cover your top and your bottom. Woolx carries that perfect heavyweights you’ve been looking for.

Womens Heavyweight Woolx Bottom

Womens Heavyweight Woolx Bottom

Let’s move on to the next layer. A heavyweight hoody, sweatshirt or zip up for the mid-layer on top. No moisture absorbing cotton jeans on the bottom!  This layer will be under the snow pant and snow jacket anyways. A heavy warm jacket and pant to withstand gushing wind chills, and whipping snow flakes.

Hands and feet tend to get cold the fastest. The top news reporters wear wool socks and a gortex glove. The old fashion way of wearing two socks has been proven ineffective. One good wool sock keeps your feet warmer then two pairs of cotton socks. Same goes for gloves. A waterproof, breathable glove is better with a little movement in the them compared to two form fitted finger gloves. They did mention in the article that they stick the hand warmers, toe warmers, and body warmers to themselves before heading out in extreme weather conditions. This provides them with even more hours of warmth.

Of course lastly, they slip on their favorite warm fur lined slipper. I know your thinking why slippers? Myself included. However, apparently if you find the right waterproof winter boot you just slip your slipper covered feet into the boot. I might try this method next time I’ve been convinced to go sleigh riding down the local hill. The boot obviously has too be roomy. Possibly a winter muck boot.

Most importantly always stay well hydrated and have a nutritious, well balanced breakfast. This keeps the body fueled and keeps the blood circulating.

Preperation is required to make sure news casters can last for hours reporting live for our latest weather updates. They withstand the extreme cold to give us constant updates throughout the roughest winter storms. I’ve always been curious how they withstood those drastic weather conditions, but now it makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t you copy a weather man or women. They know Cold!