Take a hike and help save a life – The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Xtreme Hike!



2016-08-05_1504Have you ever thought you could hike 30 miles in one day?  That’s more than a marathon with lots of elevation gain, not to mention challenging terrain. What if the life of a child with a fatal genetic illness depended on it?  And what if this is not just some hike, but a community of passionate people coming together with a goal of eradicating this illness?


Welcome to the Xtreme Hike for Cystic Fibrosis.  Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic illness that affects the lungs and digestive systems of those who have it, lining both with thick mucus that must be treated daily to survive.  The current life expectancy of someone with CF is the late 30’s; and this is significant progress.




XtremeHike2Xtreme Hike participants spend the months leading up to the big event training to hike that far and fundraising a minimum of $3,000 per participant to support research for CF.  The day of the hike is like no other.  You start on the trail at 4 a.m. and watch a series of headlamps wind their ways through the woods.  Then the day unfolds into stunning terrain and amazing memories with other hikers.  And yes, blisters, protesting knees, and the desire to never eat another trail bar, but these temporary discomforts are nothing compared to living every day with CF. Finally, 30 miles later, there is a finish line of family, friends, and children with CF who depend on every dollar you raise.  For every moment that is hard along the way, you must remember why you are hiking and be grateful for every breath you take that may be labored today, but is not permanent like it is for those with the illness.


This year the Colorado chapter is especially thankful to Woolx for partnering with us by donating clothing to our top fundraisers.

Xtreme Hikes are now in multiple locations around the country.  Visit: Xtreme Hike to donate or find one near you for the adventure of a lifetime.


– Jessica Bloomfield



XtremeHike1Thanks to Jessica for bringing this great event to our attention, and for giving Woolx the opportunity to help support some of the hikers! Good luck to Jessica and  her Colorado chapter as they get ready for their Xtreme Hike on September 17th!