The Top 5 Calorie Burning Workouts


Calories Burned

Calories Burned

Ever wonder if your’re doing the right exercise to burn those calories? With these Top 5 Calorie Burning Workouts you will be guaranteed to loose those inches. And Most can be done at home rather than a gym.

Running: What a great way to loose. This exercise never gets old. When running outdoors vs the Treadmill you can change up the scenery quite frequently. Run up a hill, Run at the local school track. Perhaps run to a friends house to visit. Not to expensive of a workout. Just a good pair of sneakers, and a light base layer, such as Woolx.

Elliptical: I’ve used this at the gym and at my home. Makes no Difference. People are always selling their used Elliptical on social media sites. The Elliptical can be set on different intensities for a different workout each time. I like number 8. The great thing about this machine is that is provides your upper body with a workout as well when you use the arms. Persons with knee problems this is very gentle on them.

Swimming: Refreshing and Low Impact. What a great way to burn those unwanted calories than a dip into a pool. Laps or even playing a game of Marco Polo have you burning while playing. You will feel weightless for those that suffer from joint pain or arthritis. I used to love swimming while I was pregnant, I was burning calories and relieved at the same time from the intense baby weight pressing upon my insides. Most gyms have a pool.


Swimming laps

Cycling: Also a great way to see the outdoors! Just need a Bike, and maybe a nice riding Boxer Brief! Burn Calories going to a local park or even riding to work! Just be sure to use Road Safety. If a bike is something you lack, don’t fret! Any Fitness Gym provides cycling. A personal favorite is the stationary bike where I can follow a computer screen and ride in different scenarios. You will be riding for a hour before you know it. If your a avid cyclist try Spin Class, Wow! You will feel this! I personally lost 20 pounds just from this class alone.

Spin Class

Spin Class

Kettlebell: I’ve tried this at home and at the gym. Both similar. This was great for me because of my uncoordination. (Zumba was a nightmare) This doesn’t take much skill to follow the instructor. Just need a kettle bell in usually a 5 pound or 10 pound increment. Kettle bell burns major calories since you’re adding weights to your aerobic exercise.


Kettle Bell

All the listed are great ways to achieve your fitness goals. But have in mind, you should always listen to your body! Don’t continue with the hard workouts if your feeling pain or strain. Get it Checked Out First by your Doctor.  And of course We hope you bring your Woolx along for whatever workout excursion you choose to en dour.