Tips To Cut Back This Holiday Season


A Belly Full Of Jelly

A belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly is frowned upon by most these days. It’s ok for Santa only. You dont have to fall victim to all those extra pounds this winter. There are several tips to cut back this holiday season.

“Cheers” and glasses clinking are typical sounds to hear over the holidays. People often forget about liquid calories. Try not to drink heavily, and when possible switching out certain drinks for others can keep the waist trimmed. Eggnog, a common drink had by all can be made, or purchased with light calories. Specialty coffees or lattes can be made with skim milk or even almond milk. Or you can pass on the whipped cream or drizzle of caramel. Holiday Christmas parties provide you with beers, and liquors. Choose light beers or mixers with gin. Gin has the fewest calories. And of course drink responsibly.



Christmas Latte?

Pass on the second servings. Holiday foods are not only fabulous but waist expanders. Buffets and second servings should try to be avoided. If you just cant help yourself try to cut more calories out of your diet the next day. And watch the treats. Nothing says holiday like a your traditional Christmas cookie. You can enjoy that beautiful decorated sugar cookie, or delicate piece of fudge, just limit yourself to one or two not the whole platter.


Christmas Cookies

Increase your activity. Walk around more, try to reach a goal of 10,000 steps through out the day.Shopping is a great way to get those steps in! Not only are you burning off that extra piece of pie but your getting your Christmas shopping done. Kill two birds with one stone. Take advantage of your local ice skate rink. Ice skating is a winter classic. It burns calories and makes great holiday memories with your family. Or Skiing, if the hill isn’t too large, walk it! Same goes for snow tubing, after a few fun rides down the hill, and the climb to the top to do it all again ,you’ve burned a couple 100 calories.


Family Ice Skating

You don’t have to fall victim to over indulging this season. With physical activity and a few food swaps you can stay trim over the long winter months. Your pants will thank you, and you will look great in your holiday attire. Cheers!