Tips to Get Your Kids To Exercise

Most adults consider Summer to be the perfect time to get outside, take advantage of the weather, and engage in outdoor activities and exercise. But Summer for kids, now that’s a different story. Summer vacation for kids can mean late nights, sleeping till noon, eating unhealthy meals, no eating schedules, and lack of exercise. Many kids will turn their noses up at the idea of physical activity, however I have some tips to get your kids to exercise this summer.

Exercise for children is essential. It helps manage weight, improves self esteem, decreases stress and anxiety, and develops strong bones.

Tip number one, Get them involved! If you participate with them they are more likely to engage in an activity. Go for a bike ride. Head out for a summer bike ride around the neighborhood. Make it fun and challenge them to ride to the local ice cream shop for a treat instead of driving. Take the long way there. Plus, it gives you a great opportunity to talk with each other and catch up.

Bike Riding

Bike Riding

Is your child a video game junkie! Turn your average video game play time into exercise time. Ask them if you can join and suggest a game. I personally like Just Dance. This game is designed for the wii console. After just a half hour of a dance of with my six year old I was out of breath and so was he. He was having so much fun he didn’t even realize that he was getting a dose of exercise! Video games can be considered a negative influence, so why not turn it into a positive one.


Jumping on Trampoline

Next time your child comes to you begging for a trampoline in the back yard, think about it. A trampoline can create hours of fun, and yes, exercise. They will challenge all their little muscles jumping into the air, or even perhaps flipping backwards. You won’t realize how many muscles you’ve used until the next day when you’re trying to walk upstairs! Trampolines can be a fun, healthy toy, but like any toy they can be dangerous. Use caution and make sure kids are supervised when on the trampoline.

Swimming! Beat the Heat! Let them go swimming for as long as they want. Simple games in the pool can burn calories. Just apply the sunblock, and of course always keep an eye on swimmers if they’re little. You can catch up on your rays while the children swim from one side of the pool to the other. It’s a win win. I know my kids are extremely hungry when they come home from swimming. It burns up a ton of calories! And they’ll sleep great that night.



Exercise doesn’t have to be such a bummer for kids over the summer. Sometimes even the simplest, most enjoyable activities will keep them fit. Fit at least until that day that most moms can’t wait for! The first day of school, and then it’s time for School sports to start up again.