Top 5 Apps For The New College Student

If you’re a parent sending your children off to new beginnings and new experiences at college, you’ll be glad to know that there are now handy phone apps that will make life a little easier for them. Listed are the top 5 apps for the new college student.

Iphone Apps

Iphone Apps

First on the list is the app called Mint. Mint is the new app that allows your student to budget their finances while away, and it’s free!  Safe and secure, it will keep track of their spending and allow them to budget money into separate spending accounts. They will see first hand what needs to be saved and what’s left to spend on food, books or “miscellaneous”. They can view all their checking and spending accounts and see pending transactions. Having this knowledge at their finger tips will help them attain financial freedom and allow them to make the decision whether they should buy tacos or prime rib that week, or perhaps drive to campus or walk based on whats left in their gas spending account.

Groupon App

Next up is the app Groupon. After budgeting your money, why not look for coupons. Coupons can help save your child a lot of money. Type your location into the app and it will pop up with the latest coupons for local businesses. For example, going out for pizza? Enter your zip code and the local pizza parlor coupons will pop up in the app. Most restaurants or stores will now scan the bar code of the coupon right off of your smartphone.

Ever worry about your child abusing his or her data usage on your phone plan? No need to worry when they have the WiFi finder app. This app will allow your child to work off campus online without going over the allowable data. This app will scan all the local areas for free WiFi. Then you can head on over to connect to the free WiFi that the participating store or coffee shop has to offer. They are sure to find a new favorite hangout. I’m not a college student and I think I will be downloading this app!

No need to stress about overwhelming homework with the ihomework app. Costing only a dollar this app makes organization a cinch. Use it to keep track of assignments, readings, courses, teachers, and schedules. Even better: you can set alarms for your homework and be notified of upcoming deadlines. No need to say you lost an assignment, or you forgot. This app is also great for high school students.

MyFitnessPal app

Lastly is the app called myfitnesspal. No need to gain the freshman 15 anymore. Keep track off your calories by keeping a food journal. Enter in your meal, and the app will provide you with its nutritional information and calorie count. If the app doesn’t have the food item that you entered into the search bar it has an awesomely convenient scanner available, just scan the bar code off the box or wrapper of your meal. The app also features an exercise journal, where you can keep track of your cardio for the day. It also provides ideas for cardio workouts if you need some guidance.

As much as it’s an emotional time in your life to have your child leave, it can also be a proud moment. With the latest apps now out, rest assure your child will maintain a balanced life and learn while out on their own. As much as you would love to have them stay, you must let go and have them experience life and make new discoveries on their own.