Week 12 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

photo credit: eccampbell via photopin cc

photo credit: eccampbell via photopin cc

Wow the weeks are ticking right by! Week 12 of Getting Fit at 50 (3 months!) came and went in a flurry. It was a bit off week for me as I didn’t do anything special other than what I had been doing. I have been pushing it more on the treadmill and am running more to get ready for that 5K I want to run by July! It is looking promising and I can feel the progress but I’m still a ways off yet.

I managed to do 5 Miles in One hour on the treadmill this week. I wasn’t able to maintain the pace the whole hour but I would jog until I was unable to and then walk for a bit. I repeated this for the hour and managed to hit 5 miles in just under an hour! When I started this I was struggling to walk 4 miles in an hour so It’s been great progress. I am hoping that by the end of April I can do an 11 or 12 minute mile continuously for 30 minutes. Once I hit this goal I can then kick it up and start working towards a 10 minute mile. Not much to the pros but considering 12 weeks ago I hadn’t run or jogged in 15 years the progress has been pretty good!

So here are the stats for week 12. Not a bad week but not my best. Another goal I have for April is a 60 mile month!

Week 10 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 12 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Wednesday threw off the week pretty good but I pushed it to hard on Tuesday night and had to rest. Still averaging over 10,000 steps a day though. Warm weather is coming though so it will be time to done the lightweight Woolx and do some serious weekend hikes! Can’t wait. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.