Week 8 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

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An Off Week

Well it was definitely an off week. I was down 341 steps a day on average and I missed my goal of 10,000 steps on Sunday. First day I missed my goal in over 38 days! The other days I just made the 10,000 steps a day and didn’t go over 11,000 steps except for one day. This is no way for getting fit at 50 that’s for sure!

Now I don’t want to make excuses but the weather warmed up, the snow melted, then it froze into sheets of treacherous ice when I usually walk in the AM. My normal 1 hour and 15 minute walk took over an hour and 45 minutes! That ice will slow you right down.

Week 9 got off to a bad start also as this Monday I didn’t hit my goal either. So 2 days in a row I was off my game! Not good. This is where you have to be careful. It’s so easy to fall back into those old habits. One day leads to two, two to three, and before you know it you’re back in your old lethargic ways! So time to dust off and get back in the saddle so to speak.

Since it was such an off week I will get right to the disappointing data.

Week 6 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 8 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

So though I did average my 10,000 steps a day I was shy of hitting the goal everyday. I hope to amp it up this weekend and maybe get in 15,000 steps on Saturday or Sunday. The cold is back here in Upstate NY after a nice warmup for a bit. Tonight will be a heavy weight Woolx night as there are severe wind chill warnings. No worries though…my Woolx has me covered! Here is to a better week 9!