Why Wool is a Mothers Best Friend

Raw Wool

Raw Wool

Being a mother of three I often ask myself looking back if I’d have done some things differently when it came to raising my kids or the products I used. My answer is Absolutely!  I consider myself a young, hip mother, so I’m not completely out of date when it comes to baby or kid items. However, some of my friends are having babies just now in their lives, they call and ask me advice and I give it to them. That advice  includes information I’ve learned about wool and Why Wool is a Mother’s Best Friend.

First time mothers worry about germs. Not that mothers of 2 or more don’t worry, that’s not the case! It’s just that the worrying becomes less with each child, and you’re just trying to make it through the end of the day without any injuries, or a foreign object stuck in anyone’s nose. Wool is naturally anti-microbial, the lanolin in wool kills bacteria and prevents odors. Which is great considering you do not have to wash wool daily to keep it fresh (but in number 2 cases please wash the wool.) Merino Wool can be washed and dried. So while baby is playing or perhaps eating, let that favorite wool blanket wash up.

Wool Blankets

Wool is naturally flame retardant, if a wool garment does become ignited it usually has a low burn rate and may extinguish the flame on its own. Most firefighters wear wool clothing. Natural bedding made of wool can save a child’s life or help keep a fire from spreading until the fire department arrives.

Wool is Stain resistant – A mothers dream come true. The waxy fibers in wool repel water and stains. This prevents mildew and that ugly unknown brown spot. Rest easily knowing that little pee accident or spilled bottle on the wool blanket won’t hold odors. I’m often reminded I didn’t pre- treat that stain after it comes out of the dryer. If I just had a fabric that didn’t stain!… well now you do! Forget about rushing down to the laundry room to try to get that dreadful stain out. If it has natural wool fibers, you’ll have peace of mind and once again be able to enjoy the rare quiet moments when they come around.

Uh-Oh Spill

Studies have shown that wool can help with the prevention of SIDS. Although SIDS is still an unexplained death, research has shown that maintaining a child’s temperature can lower risks. Merino Wool can reduce and regulate body temperature.

Lastly, Wool survives. My sister has, (notice I said has) a wool blanket from her birth year of 1972. It’s in pretty good shape too. It’s not as noticeably soft like the new merino wool, but you wont see the wear and tear after years like cotton would show. Store wool after use and be reassured that it will not smell like mildew and it will look like it did when you first purchased it.

So when heading out to your next baby shower, or if you know someone who has kids – Think Wool. It’s the gift that keeps giving.