Why Wool is the Best Base Layer…Video Post from Woolx

When it comes to keeping warm in all weather conditions there really is only one fabric up to the job…Wool. Many people want to know why Wool is the best base layer? Well in a nutshell Wool is really the ONLY fabric that will keep you warm when wet.

Technical fabrics may do a good job in many conditions but insulating when wet is not one of them. This is not something I want to risk when I am 2 hours away from civilization and get caught in a rain storm. Due to Wools wicking ability, the natural crimping in the fibers, and the hollow construction of the wool fibers it has the best insulating qualities when wet of any fabric. Add to this the comfort and breathability of Wool and it truly does make the best and most versatile base layer.

Why merino wool makes the best base layer

Weather like this calls for Merino Wool

No sense having a nice day in the field ruined due to inadequate gear. Pull on your Woolx Merino Wool base layer and enjoy the day no matter what the weather!