Woolx finds the North Pole…..

North Pole Alaska

North Pole Alaska

For you nonbelievers it truly exists! Yes Santa IS my neighbor.    I’ve lived in the North Pole for the last 19 years.  Having been an assistant Alaskan Hunting guide and Charter boat Captain I can appreciate great gear.  I have guided in the rain forests of south east Alaska to the southern Books Range and regularly hunt, fish, and hike on the arctic slope.   There is one thing in common.  You WILL be wet and cold, Alaska will not let you down.

Sharing the duties of a guide and outdoor junky, the search never seems to end for quality gear.  It needs to last and keep you warm.   In my off time, I’m hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling and scuba diving, there is very little down time.    I’ll admit I’m extremely hard on gear and finding quality gear is the difference between a great trip and one that can become serious in seconds.   You can truly appreciate this when help is at best days away.

Since I received them, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Woolx gear!    I’ve grown up in wool and at times drift away from it always thinking the new ‘stuff’ has to be better.  It never is.  Wool is one thing that will never let you down.  It has been, and always will be, in my pack.  It has been this way long before me and thankfully with great products like Woolx it will continue to be in outdoors enthusiasts packs for years to come.

Woolx Merino Wool is comfortable and warm.     You’ll be thankful you have it in your pack too!