Woolx is put to the test at the Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Woolx is put to the test at the Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run!


The Woolx Team in the Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run

The Woolx Team 

Bored of just jogging, a marathon too mundane? Why not try your hand at a new sport that’s gained popularity in the last few years. Obstacle courses and mud runs have become the go-to weekend activity for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Combining running, jumping, climbing and crawling, participants traverse a variety of military inspired obstacles over varied terrain. Distances can range from 5K up to half marathon lengths, providing a fun and challenging adventure for participants of all fitness levels.

Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run

Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run

On May 2nd,2014  WoolX Vice President Nicole took up the challenge and completed a 5K Dirty Girl Mud Run and Obstacle course in Scranton, PA. Dirty Girl debuted its courses in Milwaukee, Denver and Buffalo in 2011, and they’ve since expanded to include runs in 25 cities.  A woman’s only event, Dirty Girl has partnered with Bright Pink, a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in women. To date Dirty Girl events has donated over $475,000 to support cancer prevention and awareness. Nicole participated in a team made up of family members Lori and Tami.  Scrambling over obstacles like the “Get a Grip” rope ladder and shimmying down the “Barn Burner” slide they climbed, ran and laughed their way to the finish line and WoolX was with them all the way! Nicole wore her midweight tops and bottoms under a pink t-shirt, which kept her warm and comfortable in the 50 degree temps – even when she was soaking wet and covered in mud!

The Dirty Girl Mud Runs are noncompetitive courses geared to all fitness levels, with a focus on having fun with friends for a good cause. If you’re interested in pitting yourself against other competitors in an obstacle race for time there are quite a few race series to choose from, some more grueling than others. Tough Mudder events are hard core 10-12 mile challenges.  With obstacles involving leaping over fire and crawling under electrified barbed wire they’re not for the faint of heart! Spartan Race is an international obstacle racing series with three differentcourse types: the 3 mile Sprint, 8 mile Super and 10-12 mile Beast. For the truly insane there is always the Peak Race Series Death Race. Created by ultra athletes Andy Weinberg and Joe DeSena, the Death Races take place near Pittsfield VT, once in summer and once in winter each year. The race can last up to 70 hours so it’s no wonder only 10% of entries even finish.

Woolx VP Nicole

Nicole Makes Her Way

Whether you’re racing for time or just trying to complete, obstacle courses require overall body fitness, testing resilience, strength, stamina and your tolerance for filth! Training for an obstacle race or mud run can be just the motivation you need to jump start your fitness routine.