Woolx in Action Team Member of the Month – Paulina Dao!

IMG_4540  Woolx scoured the globe searching for intrepid adventurers to test out Woolx gear in the most extreme conditions, we’ve assembled this group of globetrotting daredevils into the #WoolxinAction team! Every month Woolx Life will feature one of our amazing Woolx in Action team members – Meet July’s team member of the month Paulina Dao!

Paulina is an all-around adventurer with a home base in San Francisco, CA. From hiking to climbing to mountaineering, she tries to do it all, and writes about it on her blog at Little Grunts. We asked Paulina to fill out the official “WoolxinAction Questionnaire” so we could delve deeper into the mind of an extreme brand ambassador.

Woolx in Action Profile  – Paulina Dao:

Favorite Woolx product?

So far it’s been the Woolx Womens Merino Wool Top – Midweight – X-Plorer! It’s so cozy and soft! Perfect for hiking in and perfect for snuggling in a sleeping bag with. Although I am absolutely looking forward to checking out the Mia, so that will probably change my answer!


Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

I think living in Norway would be SO COOL. I visited recently and I was just blown away by all the beauty… and all the snow! Deep fjords with towering mountains and waterfalls gushing everywhere… it was impossibly beautiful. There would be no shortage of adventures year round.



Paulina was clearly not troubled by the heights on her trip to Norway!


What’s on your bucket list, any big adventures that you dream of undertaking?

I think the real question is what’s not on my bucket list! I’d love to tackle the JMT and the PCT one day… it’s just a matter of when! Kilimanjaro and Elbrus would be pretty sweet too, but I’ve got a lot of training to do before I even think about that.


What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep and why?

The longest I’ve gone without sleep, not counting all-nighters in college, was probably my Mt. Whitney hike! I’m a fan of going as light as possible, mostly because I’m 5′ tall and I hate carrying half my body weight in gear when I don’t really need to. My friend and I started the Whitney main trail hike at midnight and I don’t think we finished until 5pm or so. It was a struggle.


What’s your favorite outdoor memory?

This one is tough because I love all the memories. I would have to say Hell Hike and Raft. I flew out to Idaho to hike and raft with some people who I only knew online and it was one of my favorite experiences. I have never laughed so much in my life! Sometimes it’s not about what you do but about the people you do it with. The friendships forged were top notch. I keep in touch with everyone regularly and we all laugh and joke about the good times we have. And it’s always nice having adventure buddies all over the country.



What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?

For me it’s just taking things one step at a time, one day at a time. If a goal is too big? Set little goals and little victories to achieve. Sometimes things will take a turn for the worse, and sometimes things will be absolutely mind blowing and amazing. It’s ok to not be ok, or to turn back because something is too big. It’s important to cherish all of those moments and learn from them. And then you can always try it again next time!


What is your favorite time of year and why?

This is REALLY tough. I love all the times of the year, but I’d have to say spring and fall because they’re transition seasons. My favorite trails tend to be emptier around then, which is great. Sometimes I just really love solitude and being the only person out for miles.


Thanks Paulina! Check in next month to find out more about another one of our awesome Woolx in Action team members! You can follow Paulina’s adventure’s with @Woolxwool on Twitter and Instagram and on her own blog Little Grunts.