Woolx Merino Wool Hoodie Reviewed on North East Hikes

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North East Hikes.

I think Our Woolx Merino Wool Ultimate Hoodie is a work of art! I finally got one after our final shipment came in and I have to say it has turned into one of my most worn outerwear pieces. Of course since I helped design it I am a bit biased 🙂 So to get some in the field use feedback from an avid outdoorsman we supplied Daren at North East Hikes one to try out and let us know what he thought about it. Daren wore it on a 17.6 mile hike and wrote up a great review that points out pros and cons from his point of view.

So what did Daren think of our merino wool hoodie? Well all in all he loved it! He pointed out a few cons also and that is invaluable information! Already the cons are on the Whiteboard to get hashed over for the next production run.

So head on over to northeasthikes.com and read the review. Make sure to read all the other great post if you’re interested in Hiking in the Northeast. Daren has put together some great reading. Thanks Daren and happy hiking!