#WoolxinAction Featured Team Member – Autumn Liggett

Aliggett3 (2)Woolx scoured the globe searching for intrepid adventurers to test out Woolx gear in the most extreme conditions, we’ve assembled this group of globetrotting daredevils into the #WoolxinAction team! Every month Woolx Life will feature our amazing Woolx in Action team members – This month meet recent college graduate, animal lover, and Canadian Autumn Liggett!

Autumn writes about her adventures in Ontario and beyond on her outdoor blog Autumn’s Wild Journal. To get to know Autumn better we asked her to fill out the new and improved “#WoolxinAction Questionnaire”, read on to delve deeper into the mind of an extreme brand ambassador!


16 Questions w/ Woolx:

What inspired you to become an outdoor adventurer, did you grow up participating in a lot of outdoor activities with your family, or is it something you were drawn to on your own later?

I would say my dad is my biggest inspiration. I have been camping since basically the first word came out of my mouth. He’s encouraged me to love the outdoors and to treat Mother Nature with the best care I can. I’ve grown up hiking, camping, canoeing, and exploring the world around me, and again, it was all because of my dad.

He taught me the best way to paddle a canoe, and what to do when a bear approaches you. I learned when the best time is to catch sight of a moose, and how to properly tarp a campsite.

Most kids just learn how to ride a bike or are given an allotted time on their video games. I feel epic when I tell people what my dad taught me.




Do you have any special plans, or trips in the works for 2016/17? Any big long-term goals?

I am extremely excited to say that I’ll be driving from Ontario to British Columbia and back for two weeks with the love of my life, Eric the beginning of August. I’m overly excited about FINALLY seeing mountains and the west coast! As for 2017, I’ll be exploring Costa Rica, Africa, and the East Coast of Canada!

All my travels and adventures can be viewed via autumnswildjournal.com and on Instagram @autumnliggett.


Our ambassadors come from all over the U.S., and we’ve got a few international team members too! What’s your favorite local activity, or the best part about exploring the region you call home?

Where I live (Southern Ontario in the middle of no where) is limited to exploring unless you call walking around a small village being adventurous. I tend to drive the distances to see the real deal and the beauty that Ontario has to offer. Whether I drive the almost 5 hours to Algonquin for a paddle and hike, or I drive an hour to see a waterfall, I’m getting a good road trip memory in while getting to be around the awesome parts of Ontario.

As said, where I live is limited to great spots for exploring. The Elora Gorge is beautiful, and the 40 minute drive for the Hamilton waterfalls is nice, but if I had to choose a “local” spot, I’d say the 2.5 hour drive to the Bruce Peninsula is well worth it. Tobermory, Flower Pot Island and the Grotto are spectacular viewings.




What’s your most embarrassing moment outdoors, or your favorite epic fail memory?

Capsizing a canoe with my brother and dad was probably the most embarrassing moment … so far. You learn from mistakes and sometimes the best memories are made from embarrassing moments!


What is your most often worn, go-to Woolx item?

I love my Ella Racerback Tank. It’s extremely comfortable, and can be worn under other garments of clothing. I love that you cannot smell any sweat off of it after an extremely humid hike.

(You can read Autumn’s full review of her Ella Tank on Autumn’s Wild Journal: Woolx Wool Review.)


Do you prefer solo activities, or do you like having partners on your adventures?

I love exploring with others! Usually it’s with Eric and my dog Meeka. I also have some really great girl friends that love to explore, so I’m really thankful to have friends interested in the same hobbies as me.

However, sometimes after a stressful day I don’t mind finding a local trial, and setting up my hammock to just relax amongst the trees with Meeka.




Do you have a personal motto, or words you live by?

“Be authentically awesome” because there are too many people trying to do the same thing as the person next to them! Be yourself and you’ll live a pretty stress free, and positive lifestyle.


Pizza or tacos?

100% tacos … I’m actually eating a taco while writing this.

Summer or winter?

I love both. Summer gives you the opportunities to see some beautiful colours and wildlife. Camping season and road trips are also in prime season. Winter on the other hand scares people, so the trails are bare; there are no bugs, and the risk taking increases (lake crossings, ice climbing). Birds also become desperate for food, which results in having the opportunity to feed them!

Mountains or coastline?

I love both. The coastlines have some awesome views and I’m always left feeling so happy looking out into the ocean. Ontario has lots of escarpment so mountains don’t really exist. I’m 100% positive part of my heart will be left in the Rockies after my trip out west…




Are you inspired by any of your fellow Woolx in Action team members? If so who?

Laura Catherine Edmondson inspires me because she traveled to the other side of the world to pursue something she loved doing at home. When I go to Africa I’ll be camping for two weeks straight out in the Serengeti Desert and the Masai Mara.


What place do you find yourself going back to over and over again? What place would you love to visit that you’ve never seen?

I get asked why I go back every year but I just tell them “you’ll know when you go”. Algonquin Provincial Park is the love of my life. Everything about it is spectacular. I’ve camped there close to 30 times (only being the age of 21), and it’s somewhere I can rejuvenate. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. I have a couple backcountry trips planned for the fall, and I’m finally trying winter camping this year. I’ve already made a few camp trips up there this past summer, which you can view on my blog!

I am extremely eager to visit Kenya. I love, love, love animals, and elephants speak to my heart in so many ways. I have fostered orphaned elephants form the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the past, and it’s my goal to visit the orphanage very, very soon.




What’s your favorite outdoor/adventure themed movie?

That is a tough one! I loved “Into the Wild” a lot just because I feel like I have wanderlust really bad at times, and get the urge to hit the road immediately. Growing up, I loved The Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin was my childhood idol, and I really looked up to him. I look up to his daughter a lot now, and cannot believe the beautiful human she has become.


If you could be any animal for a week, which animal would you choose?

I think I’d be a Grey Wolf. I’m obsessed with k9’s and I’m told I’ll be that typical crazy dog lady. Wolves have always been a love of mine, and I think everything about them is magical yet mysterious. Listening to them howl while camping is probably one of the most haunting and exhilarating experiences I have had to this day.

“I was raised to run with the wolves and I will not stop just because you told me you can’t stand that I am wild” – l.g.



What one item could you not live without (apart from your Woolx of course)?

My boyfriend’s mom recently let me start using her Nikon D3s and I couldn’t be more in love with the images it captures. Not to mention the incredible lenses I get to use to capture landscapes and wildlife.

Other then that, my hat collection is growing, so I really cant live without at least one hat.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Be wise with your second chances”. Sometimes returning to a place or person a second time after a haunting first time, can be a big mistake. It also can be the best choice ever. A second try at paddling on a wavy lake is beautiful. Lies and envy are not. Be true to you, and trust your gut. (and your mom’s gut, haha).





Thanks Autumn, we can’t wait to see photos from your summer road trip and Africa adventures!  Keep checking in with Woolx Life to find out more about all of our awesome Woolx in Action Team members! You can follow along with their adventures with @Woolxwool on Twitter and Instagram.