#WoolxinAction Featured Team Member – Adam Nawrot!

pitchoff-left2Woolx scoured the globe searching for intrepid adventurers to test out Woolx gear in the most extreme conditions, we’ve assembled this group of globetrotting daredevils into the #WoolxinAction team! Every month Woolx Life will feature our amazing Woolx in Action team members – This month meet adventure sport photographer and filmmaker Adam Nawrot!

Adam is currently enjoying van life in a converted NYPD Surveillance van while pursuing his passion for cycling, whitewater kayaking, climbing and a little bit of everything else! Adam took some AMAZING photographs of himself and friends rafting in the Grand Canyon last summer, he’s also sent us incredible photos from trips biking, ice climbing and caving this year. You can explore the world along with Adam on his Instagram @radam_gnawrot and check out his photography website adamnawrot.net.


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To get to know Adam better we asked him to fill out the new and improved “#WoolxinAction Questionnaire”, read on to delve deeper into the mind of an extreme brand ambassador!

14 Questions w/ Woolx:

What inspired you to become an outdoor adventurer, did you grow up participating in a lot of outdoor activities with your family, or is it something you were drawn to on your own later?

I started climbing when I was 5 years old. My parents immigrated to America from Soviet occupied Poland with one suitcase and no English skills 30 years ago. My dad had to give up a lot of his aspirations as an alpinist and sailor to start a life from scratch here in the states, but I feel very blessed to have inherited his love of adventure and mountains.



Do you have any special plans, or trips in the works for 2016? Any big long term goals?

 2016 is going to be my first full year living in a van full time! I started ice climbing this winter and am working on some pretty excellent storytelling projects. This summer I’ll be bumming around the West chasing waterfalls and ticking off some climbing and mountaineering objectives. Its been a great year so far and I’m looking forward to it.


petrifiedforest4Our ambassadors come from all over the U.S., and we’ve got a few international team members too! What’s your favorite local activity, or the best part about exploring the region you call home?

I grew up in the dense suburban sprawl in New Jersey, right smack dab in the middle of the state near the city of New Brunswick. What New Brunswick lacks in outdoor recreation opportunities, it more than makes up for with amazingly cheap Mexican food and a lively underground music scene, the likes of which you’d think only existed in movies.



What’s your most embarrassing moment outdoors, or your favorite epic fail memory?


This was all a big misunderstanding I swear. I really didn’t need to be rescued but the cops wouldn’t take no for an answer….


What is your most often worn, go-to Woolx item?gunks20151

Mens Glacier Long sleeve. Love that thing.


Do you prefer solo activities, or do you like having partners on your adventures?

It’s not much of a party if you’re the only one there…


Do you have a personal motto, or words you live by?

My license plate says STAYRAD so I guess that might be something…


day2-35Pizza or tacos?

A girl I had the biggest crush on asked me this once, then she moved to Missoula. I wonder what she’s up to…




Summer or winter?

Spring and Fall


Are you inspired by any of your fellow Woolx in Action team members? If so who?

Yoooo, Ramon Dompor and I go way back. Look at how cute we are in this video!

Also, Peter Hoang‘s stuff is really neat!


What place do you find yourself going back to over and over again? What place would you love to visit that you’ve never seen?

I think the Delaware Water Gap Region of Pennsylvania is one of the best kept secrets of the East. Pure magic on a rainy day!


What’s your favorite outdoor/adventure themed movie?IMG_6576

Lifecycles changed everything about actionsport filmmaking for me.


What one item could you not live without (apart from your Woolx of course)?

My Woolx of course.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Buy low, sell high. Although I don’t know how much good use I’ve put that to…


Check out more of Adam’s adventures on bikes, kayaks, and crags on his new blog INFINITESTOKE.


adamnawrot-vanlifeThanks Adam, we can’t wait to see photos from your adventures this summer!  Keep checking in with Woolx Life to find out more about all of our awesome Woolx in Action Team members! You can follow along with their adventures with @Woolxwool on Twitter and Instagram. Also any girls in Missoula who’d like to get back in touch with Adam can e-mail us at support@woolx.com and we’ll forward your messages.